Spaghetti Western Tribute “Guns Don’t Argue”

We’ve been long time fans of Spaghetti Westerns, especially the music. One of our cats may even be named after prominent film composer Ennio Morricone.



Our label Suicide King Records (SKR) is putting out an Acoustic compilation soon. So when they asked us if we wanted to join up, we jumped at the chance to do a Spaghetti Western inspired song.

Hopefully it will help to mix the styles on the comp, instead of steel string acoustic folk punk it’ll go the complete other route with nylon string Spanish guitars and horns.

Psychobilly and Spaghetti Westerns blend quite well. The films were always viewed as different from the standard Hollywood Westerns. They were darker, bloodier and had a more ethnically diverse cast. While the same things could be said about the Psycho genre, which always embraced low brow art from Daddy Roth to Sci-fi B-movies.

Bands like Sir Psyko and His Monsters’ “Los Cuatros Condenados” and Mad Sin “Speak No Evil” have married them in the past. To say we’re fans would be an understatement. We’re stoked to carry on that banner and let our Ragu flag fly.

Stay tuned for more info on the comp!

Last Christmas (Some Kinda Hate)

What more festive than coming together, getting drunk and filming each other in Santa suits?

The 80s Christmas classic Last Christmas had been a favorite of ours for awhile. We were throwing around different songs and realized that a certain Misfits song shares a key and common chord progression. So we felt a mashup was in order, enjoy.

New Music Video

Our first music video for the album was filmed at B’s old family home. We had a lot of fun tying each other up and getting into fake blood fights.

Production was all DIY and filmed in about 5 hours, mostly on iPhones.

This is our humble homage to Se7en and “found footage” horror films1x1


Record Release @ Spike’s Bar Sept 15th

We are honored to be able to able to announce our Record Release Show will be at Spike’s Bar in Rosemead. In Los Angeles Spike’s bar is a Mecca, not only for Psychobilly but for Rebel and Rockin’ music of all kinds.

We will be selling the CD for $10 along with merch.

What if you’re out of the State and/or Country?

Not to worry, we will also have our Album up on bandcamp.


Keep a lookout for the lineup to be announced.

Special thanks to Brando Von Badsville for making it happen.

First run of CDs!

We just got our first batch of CDs in the mail. Very stoked! It was definitely a surreal experience when we sliced open the box and held them in our hands. Everyone says this but, it is the culmination of so much time, effort and generosity from our friends and family.

Some of the songs on this album are hitting the 10 year mark!

In keeping with the culture of the internets we decided to do an unboxing video.

Official release will be in Sept 2017, with support shows played throughout Los Angeles, Orange County and the Southwestern United States.

We’ll of course be selling these at shows and if you email us we can ship to psychobilly community world wide.